Yoga: lessons & relaxation courses in Essaouira

Yoga is one OF the 6 orthodox schools of the indian philosophy astika. Especially in the West it became a discipline that aims through meditation, moral asceticism, and physical excercises to unify the human being in its physical, psychic and spiritual aspects
These days, the word yoga is commonly used to refer to Hatha-yoga which is in fact only one its branches.

Here are the four main types of yoga, you can either practise them seperately or together : 
•   jnana yoga : « union due to pure knowledge » 
•   bhakti yoga : « attitude of devotion to a personal God »
•   karma yoga : striving for selfless actions and attitudes 
•   rāja yoga : one of the four paths to spirituality within Yoga philosophy of Hinduism. Also referred to as "royal yoga", "royal union", "sahaj marg"Les cours de YOGA à Essaouira

Yoga classes in Essaouira
The domain of Arganeraie allows you to practise Yoga in many different ways. 
•    Yoga class, alone or as a groupe (booking required) ; 50 euros from one to four persons and 12,5 euros from 4 to 6. Maximum 6 persons. 
•    Yoga stay with ou without your personal yoga instructor, we provide you with the facilities. 
•    The domain of Arganeraie is happy to cater to your specific requirements ; your expectations, the duration of stay, food… 
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